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Florals & Floral Styling


When we create our designs we pull our inspiration from - fashion, art, colour, just to name a few. All these elements work together to inspire us on new trends and design styles. However the biggest inspiration for us, is YOU - your love, your relationship, your style. Getting to know you as our client - your likes and dislikes, your history, your interests and hobbies - all of this allows us to curate a proposal unique to you and only you. 




 We ensure all our designs are purposeful and intentional. We don’t create pieces just because it’s assumed that they are needed. We look at your event as a whole, to how florals and floral stylings can be repurposed throughout the day. We look too differentiate pieces so they stand out in an  impactful way. By using florals and floral stylings (card boxes, candles, signage, etc.) we are able to curate a design that highlights the very best of your story and bring it to life. 




Once we get to know you, we start to dream, to envision, to imagine. We use all the elements that were inspired by you and create florals and floral stylings that are unique, personal and represent the vision and theme for your event. We think of ways to push the boundaries of “safe design” or “normal designs” so that we can create customized designs that make your event stand out.



 We take pride in creating custom designs that focus on the very best floral designs, coupled with floral styling elements like candles and signage to elevate our designs. We create designs that have meaning and bring to life the theme you want to portray. Looking at the whole event, rather than just the flowers, allows us to make sure your event is cohesive and every aspect of the day comes together. We want to make a statement and push boundaries with the designs we put together. We create customized designs that are different and individualized to your event so that they stand out from the rest.



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